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Now Available in the Android MarketPlace

We’re now in the main Android store as well. Check it out

We’re in the Amazon Android AppStore!

Today we have entered the Android Market! If you have an Android device and love SkyWords please check it out.

We are waiting on a second approval for it to be available on the Kindle Fire, hopefully that’s coming shortly. We’ll follow up with a submission to the Android Market.

Next SkyWords Tournament is starting!

The next SkyWords Tournament starts March 2nd. Details at: leaguerepublic

Android Version Take 2

Turns out my Android submission was rejected by Amazon for three issues:

  • Game board didn’t maintain state when physical keyboard slides out
  • Game didn’t fill the screen (I had a small border if the screen aspect ratio was different then the SkyWords UI)
  • One device crashed when installing the dictionary

I believe I have all issues address and have re-submitted. Fingers crossed we’ll be in the store next week.

SkyWords Android v1.0!

I’ve been working for several months on an Android port of SkyWords. I’m happy to announce that we’ve submitted the first version to the Amazon App Store! Once we’re in the store I’ll post more details.

If all goes well we’ll follow up with a submission to the Android Marketplace.

SkyWords League starts Feb 2nd

Head over to the SkyWords League and challenge the best! The next tournament starts Feb 2rd.

"0 Player Game" bug in 1.4x

In the latest 1.4 version I’ve changed the way local games are stored internally to greatly speed up local game saves/restores.   Ideally you shouldn’t have noticed any difference other then a speed bump if you have lots and lots of local games. 

Unfortunately a small bug exists that can cause the creation of “0 Player Game” entries mixed into your list of local games.  These are new, corrupt games (not existing games you had before).  If you tap on them the app will crash.   The next version of SkyWords will clean those up for you but in the meantime you can delete them yourself.   

To delete simply “swipe” the game badge from left to right rather then tap it.. an option will appear to delete the game.  Hopefully after deleting the bad games they never return.  If they do return please shoot me a mail.  

Ver. 1.4.1 is out!

Apple quickly approved our latest version. This one is hot on the heals of Ver 1.4 which had a couple of bugs, one quite major.


* Creating new accounts was broken in the last version.

* Some message cards didn’t track to orientation changes in the device properly and would appear upside-down.

Join the SkyWords Tournament!

Head over to the SkyWords League and challenge the best!  The next tournament starts Jan 3rd.

Horrible bugs in v1.4 

We’ve submitted a fix to Apple already but I’m sad to say there are a couple of bugs in this latest release.  One is quite nasty.


Ipad only:

When creating a new account the nickname field is misplaced, it’s just above the upper left corner of the message card and very hard to see.  It still works, but most users will probably miss it.  This is a side effect of enlarging all the message cards on the ipad and missing that card variant.

Nickname field misplace


IPhone and IPad:

Not all message cards rotate properly with the device in upside-down mode.


Both bugs fixed and a new version has been submitted to Apple.  With the holiday schedule I’m not hopeful these fixes will be in the store anytime soon.